We love what we do and we’re good at it – but don’t just take our word for it! We’re proud to have a reputation that people can trust. Recommendations mean everything, and we’re happy to let our past guttering and siding projects tell our story.

Check out these reviews and comments from our customers.

J. Griffin



L. Tischer

Removed plugged, corroded gutters. Replaced with new continuous aluminum gutters and downspouts.

All contacts were very positive. My initial request for an estimate was answered promptly and professionally. The estimator was here promptly as scheduled, made suggestions for improving the downspout arrangement and wrote up the estimate, which proved to be quite reasonable. Within a week of my accepting the contract, installers were scheduled to do the work. They were here as scheduled and completed the entire job, including meticulous cleanup, within three hours.

J. Donnell

Gutters were sagging, which we noticed recently when they failed to drain properly during a heavy rain and we had overflow and some water in our basement. Asked D & B, who installed the gutters, to come take a look and repair. They removed nails holding gutters up in affected areas and replaced them with screws.

I was incredibly pleased. Two very friendly workers showed up late in the afternoon and did a quick inspection. They quoted us $100 to do the repair then and there. They intended to focus on the front of the house where the problem was, but ended up making repairs all around the house. They took the time to make repairs and straighten gutter screens that were out of whack. They also pointed out that if we have any problems with sagging this winter, they would come out.

D. Barton

Cleaned gutters, installed a good gutter guard. Repaired one leaking gutter and re-angled one that was not draining properly.

D. Mills

The two workers did a good job even though it was a terribly hot day. They even carefully removed a bird’s nest from the old guttering and put it back in approximately the same place on the new!

D. Miller

Came and did estimate when they said they would; set them up to do the work; they came when they said they would, finished the job and cleaned up. Smooth!

L. Lentz

Installed new set of gutters and downspouts. They did an excellent job. I had them come back a few times to make adjustments but was very pleased with and would recommend.

S. Appleget

D & B Continuous Guttering LLC was very professional. They got out to my house within a day of my request for an estimate (link to Contact Us). The price was very reasonable and fair. This was shortly before Christmas and D & B Continuous Gutter LLC informed me that they would be out after the New Year to install them. They did a great job and left no mess. I was very impressed with the estimate and the quality of services. Out of all my home improvements, this was the most hassle-free. I would definitely use D & B Continuous Guttering LLC again. The associate I was dealing with was Jeremy Hill and he was very professional and quick to answer my emails.

L. Ebert

Nice guys, doing excellent work. We were very satisfied and would recommend them to anyone. No complaints whatsoever!

C. Miller

Dear D & B,

Thank you so much for your installation of gutters on our properties. They look great and your two installers, Scotty and Rusty, worked really well together and were great installers; their work is great!

Thanks so much!

G. Tymn

Replaced gutters on front of home, lower floor, installed new gutter on second story, replaced rear second story gutter. Installed Leafguard® protectors for the entire gutter system of the house. Installed downspouts for new/replaced gutters.

I’m extremely pleased. The estimator showed up on time, provided a written quote and explained all services that we could expect.

The installers had a free afternoon and called ahead to see if they could show up early. When I agreed, they were here within a half hour and began work. No running complaints by the crew. No griping about the height of the second story, pitch of the roof, yada yada yada. No complaints about anything!

In fact…one of the installers whistled the whole time he was working…except for the time he broke out in song.

The job looks extremely good and I am VERY satisfied.

I asked if they wanted a check as they finished the work and they indicated that the office would bill us since they were here early and didn’t have the paperwork.


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