We may love the changing seasons in Indiana, but that means our weather can vary widely. Repeated cold temperatures and stormy weather can take a toll on a building’s exterior. You want to make sure you have sturdy guttering, installed well so it will last through the harshest conditions.

Continuous Guttering for Your Home or Business

It’s our business to know what works well, and gutters are a crucial part of your roofing system, conducting rain water away from your roof and foundation where it can cause great damage.

Continuous guttering systems are your best choice because they do not develop faulty joints with the resulting leaks.

Aluminum Gutters

At D & B we use quality aluminum gutters in our residential and commercial installations. Our gutter system choices include:

  • 5-inch and 6-inch width continuous gutters
  • .027 standard and .032 commercial gauge downspouts
  • 2″ x 3″ and 3 “x 4” downspouts
  • Gutter hangers

We manufacture all our gutter systems on-site to make sure you get the correct size and thickness.

Choose from over 21 different colors for just the right complement to your exterior.

Image of D&B Guttering installing aluminum gutter
Image of D&B Guttering installing copper gutter and downspout

Copper Gutters

We also offer the option of copper gutters, which are very durable and add a distinctly decorative touch to your home.

We offer the following types of copper gutter systems:

  • 5-inch copper guttering
  • 6-inch copper guttering

D & B Continuious Guttering and Siding can install a quality LeafGuard or gutter screens to new or existing gutter systems.

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