If you own a home, then you likely know just how important it is to have a good-quality gutter system on it that protects the integrity of your entire home. However, you may not enjoy cleaning debris, such as leaves that fall from the trees that surround your home, out of your gutters on a regular basis.

While all gutters need proper maintenance, if you feel like you are cleaning debris out of your gutters more often than you should have to, then it is important to learn about gutter guards and gutter screens.

Just what are gutter guards and gutter screens? Read on to learn more about them and whether they may be a great asset to your home.

Gutter Guards and Screens: How They Work

All gutter guards and screens serve the same basic function of keeping leaves and other debris out of your gutters. If you find that you have to clean your gutters more than twice a year simply due to quick buildup of debris in them, then the right gutter guards or screens may be able to help you extend the time between gutter cleanings.

If you have ever had a problem with rodents or other pests building nests in your gutters, or if you just want to protect your gutters from rodent infestations in the future, then you will be happy to hear that most gutter screens and guards will keep rodents and pests out of your gutters while allowing rain water in.

However, realize that even with gutter guards or screens in place, you should have your gutters cleaned and inspected twice a year. These inspections ensure that any debris that does find its way through your screen or under your guard can be removed before mold begins to form. Regular inspections also help you catch gutter leaks early before leaking water damages your home.

Two Main Types of Gutter Protection

You’ll have to consider many factors when you choose gutter guards. These factors include the type of debris that typically builds up in your gutters, your roof material, the current gutter style you have in place and the style of your roof.

You have two main types of gutter protection to choose from:

1. Traditional Gutter Screens
Traditional gutter screens are a good option for many homeowners. There are many gutter screen material options, including PVC, nylon and several types of metal. If the main debris that builds up in your gutters consists of leaves and other larger materials, then gutter screens with a higher mesh size will likely work well for you. However, if finer particles of debris often fall into your gutters, then you will need gutter screens with finer mesh.

2. Surface Tension Gutter Guards
Unlike traditional gutter screens, surface tension gutter guards (also called gutter covers) are typically made of one solid piece of material, often PVC. They cover much of your existing gutter, leaving just a small gap where rain water can enter your gutter. Debris that would typically fall into your gutters slides right off gutter guards and onto the ground.

The slope of surface tension gutter guards must match your roof precisely to ensure that all rain flows into your gutters and not down around your home’s foundation. This makes expert installation of gutter guards a must.

If you find yourself cleaning debris out of your gutters more often than twice a year, then gutter screens or guards may be the solution for keeping debris out of your gutters. For more information on your gutter guard and screen options or to have them installed, reach out to the gutter experts at D & B Continuous Guttering, Siding & Soffits LLC.

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